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October 2018 Newsletter : Use Your Ice Melt Effectively

Ice Melt season is just around the corner! It is important to understand how to properly use ice melters and where to store them to keep your staff, facility and family safe. Pre-ordering ice melt guarantees that you’ll have it at your door before a storm hits.

Below is a list on how to use Ice Melter safely and effectively:

Pre-apply and don’t wait until it’s too late

Before applying, make sure that the area is clean and that a policy is put into place to maintain a clean walkway throughout the season. Pre-apply the ice melt before the storm, during and at the end to ensure maximum and long-term effects. This will cut back not only on product cost but labor cost as well.

Invest in high quality Ice Melter

Avoid wasting your dollars on “cheap” ice melters, as they may harm your grounds. Be sure to apply the correct amount (2-4 ounces per square yard) of the appropriate ice melter for your environment. There are a variety of ice melters available nowadays, keep yourself educated and understand the differences.

Use your Ice Melters safely

Wear appropriate gloves when distributing the salt by hand to avoid drying to the skin, especially when handling Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. Apply the recommended amount, as overapplying any product can be harmful to vegetation and increase cost. When using spreaders, make sure to have the guards aligned to distribute an even amount.

Store your Ice Melter properly

Open bags should always be stored in an air tight container to keep moisture and air away. Ingredients such as Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride are hydroscopic and will draw moisture out of the air, activating your ice melter faster. If you have unopened product left over, store it in a dark area, or have it UV protected and tarped to store outside for next season.


An Unconventional Way to Use Road Salt

In North America we are used to seeing salt on the roads to melt snow and ice, while in Noto, Sicily, salt is presented on the grounds to display beautiful art. Several festivals are held throughout the island revealing religious and seasonal art.

Rocco Pirri colors and displays salt for a good cause, bringing awareness and promoting “Opera di Promozione dell’Alfabetizzazione nel Mondo” (Foundation for the promotion of literacy in the world, or OPAM), which began in Rome in 1972. This foundation supports those in developing countries who do not have the opportunity to pursue schooling.

His colored salt crystals portray two puppets with a symbolic inscription: “The illiterate is a puppet in the hands of the smart.” A fundraiser takes place each fall where proceeds go directly to OPAM.


Don’t Forget to Wear Pink in October!

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This disease affects millions of North American families every year, not only physically but also financially. Also known as “BCAM”, this annual campaign to help raise awareness and boost funding for research and prevention has started a movement – of pink. Easily identifiable by the pink ribbon, you too can support the cause by purchasing “pink” products throughout the month. To show solidarity with breast cancer survivors and to honour those we have lost, consider wearing a pink ribbon through the month of October.


October Festivities

There are many celebrations this month as we kick off the Autumn season! Need an excuse to get everyone together for a pint? Oktoberfest comes to a close on the first Monday in October. Originally started in Munich, Germany in 1810, and now celebrated all over the world, this party’s been going strong for over 200 years! Canadian Thanksgiving coincides with the American Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day long weekend. Enjoy your weekend of family time! We end the month on a scary note – with a Happy Halloween. A perfect opportunity to dress up in costumes and frighten your local trick-or-treaters before curling up on the couch with a horror flick. AMC is airing scary movies all month long for the occasion. Click here to see the full list.


Spooky Cocktail : Black Magic Margarita

From Delish

  • 1/3 c. Black sanding sugar
  • 2 c. ice
  • 4 oz. silver tequilla
  • 2 oz. triple sec
  • 1/2 c. lime juice
  • red food coloring
  • Blue food coloring
  • green food coloring
  • lime slices, for garnish
  1. Rim two glasses with a lime slice and dip in the black sanding sugar.
  2. Divide tequila, triple sec, and lime juice between two glasses and stir to combine. Add food coloring until desired black color is achieved.
  3. Add ice and garnish with a slice of lime. Serve.

Beetle House

New York and LA based restaurant Beetle House take their inspirations from movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and, of course, Beetlejuice. Mouth-watering dishes like the one below “Edward Burger Hands” are served daily as a main course and can be mixed with delicious sides like “Poison Mushroom Fries.” When the restaurant first opened in 2016, they booked up month in advance with people wanting to try these new uniquely composed specialties.

Learn more about this distinctive experience HERE and try it for yourself next time you’re in the area!!

The Future of Electric Trucks

The future of trucking could look much different than what we’re all used to. Volvo recently released Vera, the first ever all electric and autonomous truck without a cab.

Claes Nisson, President of Volvo reveals the reason behind this innovation:

“The full potential of the transportation industry is yet to be seen. Everything suggests that the global need for transportation will continue to significantly increase in the coming decade. If we are to meet this demand in a sustainable and efficient way, we must find new solutions. In order to secure a smoothly functioning goods flow system we also need to exploit existing infrastructure better than currently. The transport system we are developing can be an important complement to today’s solutions and can help meet many of the challenges faced by society, transport companies and transport buyers.”

For now, this type of trucking will be ideal for urban transport. It’s lacking in aerodynamic performance, which is critical for higher speeds.

There are several current difficulties the trucking industry is facing, one being the average age range of truck drivers. The national average is 49 years, compared to 42 for the average US worker. Additionally, 55% of these drivers are over the age of 45, while less than 25% are under 35 years of age.

The American Transportation Research Institute notes in a current study that this number has been “steadily increasing for decades.” Additionally, the American Trucking Association predicts that during the next decade, over 400,000 of today’s drivers will retire, causing a demand for freight to increase by 37%. To satisfy demand, an estimated 900,000 new drivers will need to come on board by 2030.

Could electric trucks be the solution we need?

Is There a Salt Shortage?

This question has been an ongoing enquiry since early summer. There have been several news updates and online posts noting that this is in fact a reality for the winter of 2018-2019. Two major salt mines, Cargill and Compass minerals, have had challenges with supply, beginning earlier in the year.

According to an article on the matter by Landscape Ontario, what’s concerning is Cargill has promised to fulfill municipal contracts but has cut off rock salt sales to private contractors. It’s not unusual for them to supply municipalities first but the number of bids may be telling – “In Southern Ohio, for instance, Cargill only responded to 9 of 89 requests for road salt by municipalities there. Last year they bid on 81 of the 82 municipal requests in the region.”

As for Compass Minerals, a 12 week strike of 370 unionized workers earlier in the summer was quite the setback. The Senior Vice President of Compass, Anthony Sepich, writes, “[t]he strike did have a negative impact on production,” and later goes on to say milder winter seasons and a ceiling fall at the mine are also contributing factors. Even though they own the world’s largest salt mine, located in Goderich, Ontario, they will not be able to fulfill the needs of their substantial customer base.

We suggest to confirm a more accurate forecast this season and to have orders in as early as the 1 st week of October to allow for smooth deliveries. CLICK HERE to find out how Milwaukee prepares for the winter season.