The Zip folder contains a range of key GIS boundary files for ESRI and Map Info covering Greater London. The London Borough Profiles help paint a general picture of an area by presenting a range of headline indicator data in both spreadsheet and map form to help show statistics covering demographic, economic, social and environmental datasets for each borough, alongside relevant comparator areas. 20 May 2013. London: Census Profile. LBHF - Borough Profile Business Intelligence Team (PSR) Page 3 of 71 May 2018 1 Location Hammersmith and Fulham is one of the 13 inner London boroughs situated in the central western part of London on the transport routes between the City and Heathrow airport. Borough Profile Croydon is an outer London borough bordering Surrey to the south and Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark to the north. The folder includes: - Output Area (OA) 2011, - Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) 2004 and 2011, - Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) 2004 and 2011, - London Wards (two files: City of London merged into single area and … Login. 1. Borough Business Profiles. Share; ... Conversely, the Inner London borough that experienced the smallest increase was Kensington and Chelsea (16% increase), and this was the lowest increase for all of London. The borough of the East End has an extraordinary past, a complicated present and a huge part to play in London’s future. The Public Health Outcomes Framework) prior to, or at the same time as, it is updated in the profiles. Population . Data is available in two files for each level of geography - the most up to date data covering the last available 24 months only … The review looked at all businesses, but had a specific focus on micro-businesses, those employing less than 10 people. London Councils commissioned the Centre for Business and Economic Research to undertake a survey of London’s business base. Data. The London Borough … All data in the profiles will be published in an existing PHE profile (e.g. Tower Hamlets has one of the fastest growing, youngest, and most diverse populations in the UK. The first recorded Nigerian in London was Olaudah Equiano who came to Britain after escaping from slavery over 200 years ago, becoming a member of the … Outer London had the borough with the greatest increase in the foreign-born population for all of London… An Inner London waterfront borough that has seen waves of character change Lewis Baston & Dave Hill The story of change in Wandsworth over London’s recent growth decades has been different from that of other Inner London boroughs, be they its south London neighbours or others to the north of the Thames. COVID-19 Area Profiles Blog About. Whether you’re a citizen, business owner, researcher or developer, the site provides over 700 datasets to help you understand the city and develop solutions to London’s problems. London (in particular the southern boroughs) is home to the largest Nigerian community in the UK, and possibly the largest overseas Nigerian community in the world. Its personality has been formed by big events and large forces – successive waves of immigration, the physical and social importance of the River Thames docks and their demise, massive destruction … The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a London borough located in East London; it covers much of the traditional East End.It was formed in 1965 from the merger of the former metropolitan boroughs of Stepney, Poplar and Bethnal Green.The new authority's unusual name was taken from an alternative title for the … Croydon is London’s southern-most borough and covers an area of 87 square kilometres. The London Datastore is a free and open data-sharing portal where anyone can access data relating to the capital. This data counts the number of crimes at three different geographic levels of London (borough, ward, LSOA) per month, according to crime type. Notification of changes to the way the Local Authority Health Profiles will be updated The profiles will no longer contain data new to the public domain. Borough profile The Borough Profile 2020 brings together the key facts and figures about Tower Hamlets into one consolidated report.It presents the challenges and opportunities that make up the fabric of the borough.

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